of his body.

of his body.
“What are you doing!?” Wang Ning never expected that Yin Kuang would take action against him, so he said in shock and horror.
/“As soon as you die, this exam will end immediately!” Yin Kuang said calmly, “After passing through Narnia, you should know that the participants of the ‘World Mission’ will be separated from the team. This is the situation on Beidao. That’s it! So as long as you die, the principal will recognize our victory and return to college smoothly! As for Bei Dao, he wants to use me, huh? I’ll just leave him here and let him complete the ‘world mission’. And Jack Fight to the death.”
“This is called ‘drawing fire from the bottom of the cauldron’. I want Bei Dao to lift a rock and drop it on his own foot!” Yin Kuang said lightly, “So, I’m sorry, Wang Ning. What I gave you should be enough. I will make up for your death. See you in college!”
Wang Ning’s eyes bulged and protruded, staring at Yin Kuang, making a “gurgling” sound in his throat, as if he had something to say. But gradually, the divine light in his eyes dissipated little by little. Finally, he kicked off his legs, tilted his head, and died completely. Yin Kuang shook his head slightly, and as soon as he loosened his hand, Wang Ning’s body fell towards the ground under the influence of Pandora’s gravity. It fell silently into the sea of ??clouds below.
Cheng Danting, who had just arrived, was watching this scene blankly. Her eyes were full of curiosity. Although Wang Ning was an enemy, he had just agreed to help Yin Kuang, and at this moment Yin Kuang killed him cleanly. This was too much. When Cheng Danting saw the two dazzling “phantoms” in the melee below, “When she thought about it, she seemed to have figured out the reason why Yin Kuang killed Wang Ning. As a sophomore, she is certainly aware of things related to world missions. The scene below clearly shows that if one person in the opponent’s team triggers the world task, then he has been excluded from the team. So as long as Wang Ning is killed, the exam will be over.
Sure enough, the principal’s prompt rang out the next moment: Please pay attention! This is the end of the “Team Mode” exam scene “Avatar”! The winning party can freely choose to return to school within thirty minutes, and will be forced to return to school after thirty minutes!
The principal’s reminder is conveyed to every member of the college. So Bei Dao, who was fighting fiercely below, also received the notice. He was stunned for a moment and was almost hit by a Banshee fighter plane. Bei Dao reacted quickly and pulled the “Phantom” under his feet. The “Phantom” screamed strangely and flew out along an arc trajectory, flying from the center of the battlefield to the edge of the battlefield. Bei Dao took some time off and raised his head to look up at Yin Kuang high in the sky. The pair of big eyes unique to the Na’vi stared at Yin Kuang, containing many emotions.
Yin Kuang, who was high up in the sky, looked down at Bei Dao with a smile on his face. “I’ll see what you’re going to