Dynasty are still placed in the living room. The sun shines in through the window, and the greenery almost blinds Han Xuan.

Dynasty are still placed in the living room. The sun shines in through the window, and the greenery almost blinds Han Xuan.
“What is it?” He walked over and stretched out his hand. It felt like jade. It was about thirty centimeters high and twenty centimeters wide. He knew this thing, but it was the first time he had seen such a big one.
“The boy Guanyin jade ornament, I bought it when I was on a business trip in Hong Kong. There was an old guy who wanted to snatch it from me, so it fell into my hands.” The old man shook the newspaper, his expression was very proud, and he seemed to be the same as the person he was talking about. Festival.
Jade is rarely seen in the West. Han Xuan almost forgot about this kind of thing, and the price doubled every year.
Now, China has just opened up, and people have no money in their pockets, so they can’t be taken advantage of. Burmese cabbage is sold for the price of this. I put down the ornaments and sat down in front of my grandfather: “Can you buy more.”
He took out the emerald gem from his chest and pointed: “I It looks like it will be more expensive than this in the future.”
Mr. Han said nonchalantly: “It’s from the Qing Dynasty, 7.7 kilograms. If it wasn’t for its size and good workmanship, I wouldn’t have bought it. It costs 3 million US dollars. There is a jadeite from Empress Dowager Cixi in Taipei. The cabbage is valuable as it is the treasure of the house.”
/“I don’t care whether you buy it or not.”
“Buy it! Use a truck to pile up your room and see where you sleep at night.” The old man was amused by his grandson’s coquettishness. He got up from the newspaper, pushed him to the restaurant, and said: “Let’s go have breakfast first. I’ll have those jadeites taken care of. I know you have good taste. I’ll go to the city later. If I have nothing to do in the past few days, I’ll be with you.” .”
“By the way, where is my grandma?” Han Xuan sat at the table, picked up a fried egg sandwich, and asked while eating.
“I went on a trip to South America or somewhere. I’m so grown up now. I hang out with my friends every day. I don’t care about her.” ”
That’s what grandma would enjoy.”
“Shit, leave me alone in Los Angeles. After work, I can even heat the soup when I get home.” I can’t even drink it. I’m just like your dad, a white-eyed wolf.”
“I’ll tell her when she comes back.” Han Xuan slowly took a sip of warm milk, and Han Xuan smiled mischievously.
Because the United Nations headquarters is here, New York has become the world’s diplomatic capital.
Diplomats from various countries stationed at the United Nations had to live in New York, and Han Xuan saw an unusually familiar red flag.
Nowadays, there are very few positive news reports about it in Europe and the United States, showing how poor and backward it is. This makes Han Xuan a little disappointed and expects it to flourish along the trajectory of its previous life.
The police also carried live ammunition and patrolled the surrounding area, which made the already crowded traffic ev