hook the short hair around her ears.

hook the short hair around her ears.
The original “English Salon” was just the product of Wang Bo’s inspiration, and he actually didn’t pay much attention to it. During the National Day, he first went to Huaying with Guan Ping. After returning from Huaying, he immediately rushed to Shenzhen City to pan for gold. He was so non-stop that he had long forgotten about the English Salon. If Liang Ya didn’t mention it, I’m afraid You may not be able to remember it in another week.
Seeing that Liang Ya had been remembering the “English Salon” now, Wang Bo felt happy again, and immediately said: “This, I was planning to tell you. I have already been preparing for this. It’s nothing. If something unexpected happens, I plan to organize an event within this week. I will let you know when the time is set.”
Liang Ya said “hmm”, nodded again, hesitated for a moment, and asked in a low voice: “I will bring one with me then. Can a classmate come over?”
“Male classmate or female classmate?” Wang Bo looked at the girl next to him and suddenly wanted to tease her.
When Wang Bo said this, Liang Ya’s face suddenly turned red again, she bit her lip and stared at Wang Bo angrily. When Wang Bo saw this, he immediately apologized with saliva on his face and said: “Haha, just kidding, don’t mind. It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female!” Liang Ya stopped talking and just walked forward.
/As soon as the joke was made, Wang Bo suddenly felt that the atmosphere between the two became a little subtle. He did not try to ruin it, and silently walked side by side to the classroom with Liang Ya, enjoying the simple happiness of walking with his sweetheart. .
Although the relationship between men and women in middle school campuses of this era is very conservative, walking around the campus together is not an “eyesore”. However, because the two of them were famous, especially Wang Bo’s, and they were not in the same class, they naturally attracted some people’s attention when walking. Most of these glances come from students in the second grade of high school, especially students in classes 7 and 9.
Liang Ya was quite sensitive to these glances. After seeing that the matter with Wang Bo was basically finished, her walking pace accelerated a lot. She wanted to adjust her pace to make the boys around her take the initiative to leave in a “sensible” manner and end this encounter on campus. But Wang Bo is a bit “a dead pig who is not afraid of boiling water” and keeps the same pace as the girls around him. Liang Ya adjusted her pace several times, but she still didn’t “get rid of” the boy next to her. In desperation, she simply slowed down and walked at a normal pace, letting this guy stick to her like brown candy. There was a sigh in my heart, thinking that it would be better now. There were some “gossips” against her and this guy in the class. The two of them walked around the campus in pairs today. If they were with their classmates, It was okay, but she might have some gossip waiting for her with this guy.
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