high-rise buildings are like candles that have been exposed to high temperatures, melting under the coverage of the cement floor. down, but then re-erected on top of the mutated farmer’s market body.

But this leisurely devouring behavior soon came to a halt.
In Wei Xiaobei’s mind, he could easily see that inside the body of the mutated farmer’s market, which was made of reinforced concrete, the strange house was in the process of recovery.
The broken masonry completely ignored the obstruction of the reinforced concrete body of the mutated farmer’s market, and returned to its original position without any difficulty.
The moment the weird house was reorganized, the pile of construction debris on top of the weird house was like snowflakes meeting an acetylene oxygen flame. In less than half a breath, they all collapsed and disappeared, along with the cement floors.
A huge hole instantly appeared in the body of the mutant farmer’s market. All the body parts belonging to the mutant farmer’s market around the strange house were reduced to ashes under the extremely strange attack method of the strange house.
The mutated farmer’s market became angry again, and its body quickly shrank, trying to take down this weird house directly with its huge body.
But things that failed before are still of no use now.
No matter how much the mutated farmer’s market shrank its body, all the surrounding concrete bodies that were a few meters away from the strange houses instantly disintegrated into ashes.
Even if the mutated farmer’s market shrank its body to the extreme in an instant, it still had no effect on the strange house.
The surroundings of this strange house are like a vacuum environment. Anything that enters here, whether it is a licker, a giant chicken, or this mutated farmer’s market, will be destroyed.
But the mutated farmer’s market became violent next, a layer of golden light appeared on the body, and then it contracted violently again.
This time, with the protection of golden light, the strange house could no longer resist the contraction of the mutated farmer’s market, and was squeezed and collapsed in an instant.
But this is ultimately useless.
Not long after, when the strange house was restored again, the mutated farmer’s market was hit hard again.
In this way, the mutant farmer’s market was no longer willing to confront this weird house, shaking its body and trying to escape from the square.
At this point, the body of the mutated farmer’s market has shrunk by more than half, like a fish that finally returned to the water. The huge reinforced concrete body left the position of the strange house.
Undoubtedly, the Mutated Farmers Market has completely given up on fighting against the weird houses.
/After all, for such a being, it would be really silly to engage in a life-and-death battle with the other party.
/But this time, the strange house acted like a mountain and chased after the mutated farmer’s market and killed it.
Well, this is just a description.
In fact, there is still no movement in the weird