ried about was that in order to show off his abilities, Crown Prince Caesar would use the cannon fodder legion as an elite legion.

Judging from the reaction of the royal family, we know that if the king believed that the crown prince had military capabilities, how could he not equip him with a direct line of troops?
The current situation is essentially that the king has no confidence in the crown prince’s military capabilities and is reluctant to bring out his elite to cause him trouble.
/Sending him here to build his reputation was essentially using the noble private army as guinea pigs for his son’s experiments.
If it succeeds, it will be a bloody profit. If it fails, it will lose a few cannon fodder legions, and the Alpha Kingdom can also bear it.
The plan was correct, but the situation could not stand the rapid change.
The Wright County Legion’s good start has already gained prestige for Crown Prince Caesar.
At this time, what is most needed is not to make persistent efforts and create greater glory, but to stabilize the results.
If we act blindly and cause a huge defeat, the previous results will be in vain.
What the royal family needs to cultivate is a king’s heir, not the so-called military god.
Military merit is just an embellishment on the king’s road. A keen political sense and mature political skills are what the crown prince needs to possess most.
“Perhaps I am too impatient. The situation on the front line of the Principality of Moxi is worse than expected.
Tens of thousands of orc troops broke in, but the defenders did not report the news in time.
I don’t know if it’s the noble officers on the front line who are derelict in their duties, or there’s something wrong with the bureaucracy in the royal capital. In short, this is very dangerous.
Fortunately, there were not many orcs coming this time, and they happened to be bumped into by the Wright County Legion, so the hidden danger was eliminated in advance.
If the orcs dispatched an army of 100,000 to 80,000 people at once and sneaked in secretly, the defenders on the front line would still be clueless. Where do you think they would attack?
More than two hundred years ago, our Alpha Kingdom encountered this once! ”
Crown Prince Caesar said with a sneer.
What is the military capability? Without the opportunity to go to the battlefield, no one knows what the specific level is.
But Caesar has memorized history books by heart since he was a child. When I encountered a familiar plot, I naturally made associations.
For this kind of invisible thing, correct reminders won’t get much credit, and incorrect reminders can easily lead to complaints.
Although he had a great time in the Principality of Mossi these days, Caesar still did not forget his identity.
Halfway through his words, Count Jose swallowed them back.
There is no way, this plan is too risky.
It’s okay if the guess is wrong, since no one knows about it anyway, just pretend that nothing happened.
Once the judgment is correct, the opportunity to grab grain from the fire will inde