will remember what you said today.” After a while after Wang Bo finished speaking, Cheng Wenjin lightly opened his mouth and said slowly.

will remember what you said today.” After a while after Wang Bo finished speaking, Cheng Wenjin lightly opened his mouth and said slowly.
/Wang Bo sat in Cheng Wenjin’s office, answering the other party’s questions about his relationship with Liang Ya from time to time, and nodding his head to the other party’s suggestions and opinions on the relationship between him and Liang Ya, whether he agreed or disagreed. , appearing obedient and well-behaved.
“Don’t be anxious, be patient.” After a long time, Cheng Wenjin emphasized the previous meaning to Wang Bo again, “I am a person who has come from your age group. I know that you will be curious and interested in that aspect. Yearning for it. However, you and Xiaoya are still young and immature physically and mentally. That kind of thing will do more harm than good to you now. Especially to Xiaoya, once you do it, it is likely to cause harm to her. It hurts a lot. Wang Bo, do you understand what Auntie means?” Cheng Wenjin was afraid that Wang Bo wouldn’t understand his subtext, so after thinking about it, Cheng Wenjin simply pointed it out.
“Aunt Cheng, I understand.” Wang Bo nodded awkwardly. He didn’t expect his mother-in-law to remind him of that kind of thing so bluntly. Although he didn’t agree with it, there were very few men and women in developed countries who hadn’t lost their virginity in high school, and the sky was not falling. But under the current circumstances, it would be wiser to follow the other party’s wishes.
“Do you really understand? Can you understand? Are you not wronged that Auntie interfered in the affairs between you and Xiaoya?” Cheng Wenjin looked at Wang Bo’s face and said again.
“Aunt Cheng, you are doing this for me and Xiaoya. Xiaoya and I are now at an important stage of life transition. It is better not to be distracted by other things. Aunt Cheng, don’t worry, I will be measured.” Wang Bo nodded and continued to agree with the other party.
“I’m very happy that you think so!” Cheng Wenjin pursed her lips and smiled, “Auntie believes that you can do what you say. When you and Xiaoya are admitted to the university of your choice, Auntie will no longer care about you. If you two are like that We are still together, so you can do whatever you want.” Thinking about the specific meaning of “dang”, Cheng Wenjin’s face turned red again, and she quickly picked up the water glass on the table and took a sip to cover up her slight speed. Quite a few heartbeats.
“Aunt Cheng, I’m awake. I will do what you say.” Wang Bo continued to agree. When he said the word “do”, he felt something was wrong and immediately changed it to “do” , but such a change was tantamount to superfluous. After hearing this, Cheng Wenjin blushed on the spot, gave him a fierce look, and picked up the cup to drink water again to cover up her blushing and heartbeat.
/The atmosphere was a little awkward, and there was an indescribable smell in the air. Neither of them spoke, and they were silent for a long time. Finally, Cheng Wenjin, as the elder, spoke up to break