with strong contempt: “In other words, you and her are just ordinary friends?”

with strong contempt: “In other words, you and her are just ordinary friends?”
Ren Yi sighed deeply and said, “Listen to the truth?”
“Of course!”
/Ren Yi put his finger on There was some spit in the mouth, and then there were two traces of tears on the corners of the eyes. He looked up at the sky like Qu Yuan jumped into the river, and said faintly: “The truth is that she doesn’t reject me as much as before, but she definitely doesn’t want me to say a word about work.” As for foreigners, they are just a little bit better than strangers, and they can’t even be called ordinary friends.” ”
Don’t be impatient, girls’ minds are more complex, especially ones like Song Wan, they need to be simmered slowly, and drops of water will penetrate the stone slowly. Slow down. You see, I used to be polite to you, and there was a warning zone around ten meters. Now we can at least work together. She doesn’t express any objection, which means she is not disgusted with you, or when you appear in the deaf-mute At that moment in school, she was moved by you. This is a huge improvement!”
“Boss, you should understand my heart clearly. I think so too. As the saying goes, you are not afraid of being late for a good meal, and you are not afraid of being late for a good man. Short, I’m just spending time with her like this. Sincerity can make a difference, I don’t believe it can melt this iceberg!”
The boys here were chatting, and the girls over there were not idle either. Ji Su held Xie Yan’s hand, Asked: “Have the results come out? How many points did you get?”
“Well, they just came out two days ago, with a score of 655. I estimate that the score is about ten points higher.”
“Wow, so amazing!”
Xu Yao was speechless. , Ning Xiaoning also looked sideways frequently, Ji Su said longingly: “I wish I were as good as you.”
In the mid-1990s, the college entrance examination was still a 750-point system, with 3+2 test subjects. The weighted average of the scores in each subject was finally calculated. A point value. Last year, the admission score of Tsinghua University and Peking University in Jiangdong Province was around 620. In other words, with Xie Yan’s results, even if he is not the top scorer in this year’s Qingzhou College Entrance Examination, at least there is no pressure at all to get into these two prestigious schools.
/However, the examination system back then was a bit tricky. After taking the exam, students generally had to estimate their scores first, and then fill in their application based on the estimated scores. This was basically a blind attempt to get lucky. After the results came out, naturally some people were happy and some were sad. Some people with high scores regretted failing, while others with low scores ended up in a good school.
It is regarded as a big test that can change one’s life and destiny, but such an unscientific examination procedure is used. This shows how painful it is to be in a country where bureaucracy prevails!
Meng Ke sighed: “Hey, it’s a pity. It would be better if I didn’t ap