ryone’s attention.

ryone’s attention.
This is a coaching signing.
Wizards signed Rick Carlisle! !
When they were still playing in the playoffs last season, Sun Hao and O’Neal talked about the Wizards’ need for a better coach.
As a result, this summer, the Wizards fired Van Gundy and then signed Carlisle.
It is said that the Wizards directly asked Jordan to lobby for the signing of Carlisle!
Facts have proved that the God of Basketball still needs to give face.
Of course, more importantly, the Wizards are also a huge temptation for Carlisle, who has not yet won a championship!
Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady, and Hamilton, this lineup should have been the favorite to win the championship!
After the news broke, fans have been talking crazy on the forum.
“I think this signing is historic! The Wizards reached the Eastern Conference Finals last season and lost because of the coach. I initially thought they would sign Adelman or something, but they signed Carlisle!” “Carlisle is an offensive and defensive player
. The leader among Mesozoic coaches, I like him very much!”
“Yes, when a top coach meets a top team, don’t say anything, the Wizards will win the championship!”
“O’Neal is already 34 years old, and the Lakers’ strength has declined. It’s inevitable. Although Sun is very strong, I also like the Wizards!”
“I’ll leave it here. The Wizards will play the Lakers in the finals next season! If I hadn’t stood on my head and eaten shit on the live broadcast!”
“You’re cruel, I will remember you. I’m looking forward to seeing your video!”
“Watching you eat shit is secondary. I’m looking forward to the real encounter between the two teams. The starlight will make me reluctant to close my eyes.” ”
I can’t agree anymore. Last year The finals were exciting, but I always felt like there was a bit of starlight missing. If the Lakers are really talented this year, wow~”
Fans kept talking, and Sun Hao was also surprised.
Originally, Sun Hao felt that this team, whose coach and core were the same as Houston in history, would end up similar to the Houston team.
In reality, he is even more famous as a master tactician. The Mavericks’ historic single-core championship was accomplished under his coaching.
But Carlisle’s arrival made him feel completely different from before.
The top coach can change a team far beyond your imagination.
There will be challenges for the Lakers to defend their title.
But as before, challenges are fun.
The news of Carlisle signing with the Wizards is buzzing.
It is amid these discussions that the free market is approaching its end.
The Lakers made their biggest signing before the free agency door closed.
They signed Antoine Walker for 31 million in 4 years!
Walker was still in the last year of his maximum salary contract last season, with a salary of 14.63 million.
But the average annual salary of this new contract is less than 8 million.
/Or in other words, the four-year salary in this new contract is almost the sum of his salary in the past two years.
The market for Walker i